#numbers: Unleashed is a collection of our best puzzles optimised for home printing. These downloadable, printable magazines, provide an expedient solution for anyone with a thirst for excellent puzzles. There are no cover pages, no text, no ads or other superfluous detail. The pragmatic design of these A4 magazines, with mostly six black-and-white puzzles per page, will save on paper and ink.

For just an equivalent of £2 in your local currency, you can instantly download a set of brilliant puzzles. The number of puzzles per set is varies from 50 for Kakuro up to 144 for Nino.

One more thing. Some magazines comprise seriously tough puzzles for experienced puzzlers. You have been warned!

Pick a volume of the downloadable magazine, then add your choice to the cart. Once you have made all of your choices, click View Cart to complete the transaction securely via PayPal (note: a PayPal account is not required).