Who are we?

Numberland is an independent publishing company established by experienced puzzle creators to fill a gap in the world of puzzles. We are dedicated enthusiasts whose aim is to bring the best new ideas and new puzzles to discerning puzzlers.

What makes us different?

Expertise – we are true puzzle experts who have all worked professionally in the creative area of the industry for twenty years.

Our involvement in puzzles over this time has been so deep that we are sure you will have enjoyed our puzzles in the past. Legacy systems created by us still underpin quite a few market-leading puzzle magazines (though our own, completely new, systems are much better!). Our puzzles have been published by many national newspapers and have been used for books, games, mobile applications and consumer magazines.

Knowledge – we know puzzles and we know how to make them. Our commitment and mathematical prowess enable us to stay abreast of modern technologies, to design extraordinary algorithms that result in outstanding puzzles that are adored by solvers the world over.

Enthusiasm – we don't just make puzzles, we are also puzzle enthusiasts. This means we care about the quality of our puzzles.